Thursday, December 21, 2006

An interlude: Right here, Right Now

There's no snow, and while it's colder than usual here, it's still a cool summers day at it's coldest. The same carols that have been playing for months now (they began mid-october here, where they celebrate christmas for roughly 1/4 of the year) are still playing, albeit louder and more frequently than before. It just might be christmas.

My friends and neighbors here have kindly made a point to include me in their celebrations. My neighbors have invited me to their family gathering this saturday, and to spend christmas day with them. I'll be at the gathering, but christmas day will be spent back with my first host family, who invited me a few weeks ago. So I'll get to see Patrick, Merced, Tibong, Pat, and my host grandmother again. I've been a bad host child, and haven't visited as frequently as the other volunteers, but I do appreciate their readiness to take me into their family celebrations.

I've been to 2 work-related christmas parties, with another on the horizon (tomorrow). What a busy time.

The family of Tim (a friend and fellow volunteer) has come to visit for the holidays, and they have finally brought me my long awaited camera. Originally it had been planned as an early christmas gift, and I expected to have it months ago. Ironically, it should come to me exactly one day after christmas. Good timing, in a way. I do wish I could use it to take better pictures in my christmas celebrations though.

Following that I'll have only a few days before heading back to Boracay for a slightly longer and perhaps cheaper stay than last time. You'll be reading about my last time very soon ;-) So the new years should be brought in very nicely. If not with the people closest to me, than on a beautiful tropical beach with excellent swimming and snorkeling spots. Ah, the hardships of life. To everyone reading this, I would like to extend my best wishes for a merry holiday(s) of your choosing, and a happy new years.


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