Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pictures (Because i can)

Allan here, reporting from Boracay on new years eve. It's beautiful here and amazing food is plentiful. Quite expensive for the peace corps wallet, but on the cheap side for dollar earner. I'll be enjoying the change of the year a full 13 hours ahead of most of you. I'll try to post my opinions on the new year as soon as possible, so that you can have some taste of what 2007 is going to be like when it hits you.

I've not the writing mindset for the moment, but i have received a new camera for christmas, and as such i've been taking pictures left and right. Mostly of people in a hotel room, then a bar. Exciting, huh? Well it is to me. Enjoy!

My new camera makes it easy to take pictures of myself!

And nighttime pictures that i couldn't take before, are now possible. Meet Floyd, my front-door Toko

This is Roli and his wife. He was one of the peace corps language instructors and recently helped me with my illongo. His child is my godson

This is Anna, she spent over 2 months teaching me illongo

This is May-may. She's kind of a friend of a friend from our first host families.

Meet Anna. She's white like me. A fellow Peace Corps Volunteer

This here is Erin and Ross. Aint they spiffy?

This is Tim, also a friend and volunteer. His parents are directly responsible for the good german wheat beer and excellent german food that i ate that night.

Alvin and I, first discovering that you can easily take pictures of yourself with my new camera! the lcd flips around to the front! This was my first picture from the new camera.

Ross, layin around, waiting for dinner.

A toast to good german food and beer!

Ross, appreciating his beer like he ought to

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jennifer said...

Happy New Year! I'll post pictures from your parents of YOUR friends. Kathy C. was there! We, of course miss you.
love yr gdmother