Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Travel Update

Right now my tentative idea is to be in America for about 2 weeks, possibly arriving on May 6th and leaving on the 20th. To those of you whom I very much want to see, but who have difficult schedules to navigate, how does this sound to you? It's not set in stone yet: it can be changed for YOU! But I can't do that unless I know that I need to. I'm aiming to buy these tickets in about a week, so please get back to me before that time.

Thanks, and I hope to see everyone roughly 2 months from now,

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jennifer said...

It will be wonderful to see you -- just FYI, your mom, G&M, Bob & I will all be at Indian Neck May 11-14 --but maybe that's the weekend your friend is getting married/

love yr gdmthr jennifer