Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mad Maudlin Goes on Dirty Toes to Save Her Shoes From Gravel

April 20th I woke up feeling bad. Not depressed bad, fever bad. And for the next 6 days, right up to today, I've been sick with some travelers bug I've never experience before. It's the sickest I've been in my 14 months here, but really not that bad. I was convinced that it was some form of intestinal parasite, worms living in my digestive tract. But yesterday tests told me I was wrong. They gave me some meds. Today, I think, it's finally subsiding.

And here I am, back at site, I've completely lost track of what I never expected to: my swiftly approaching trip home. Today is April 26th. 5 days from now I need to be in Manila with my packed suitcases, ready for my trip. 7 Days from now I'll be in the air. In 8 days I'll be home - and I still can't believe that's actually true.

But it is true. And I'm not remotely prepared. But in 5 days, I'd just better be.

See you folks soon,

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