Friday, April 13, 2007

Tickets Have Been Purchased

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I know I've been saying I'm coming home for this wedding for some time, but until today, it's just been speculation. I've been madly searching around to find the best price on tickets, because Rachel had the gumption to get married at peak season. Honestly, how do I live with such self-centered friends?

just kidding

Anyway as the title of this post suggests, my search is at an end, and it's something of a happy ending. I found a ticket $250 less than I thought I was going to have to pay, and THEN I called my parents to tell them that my tickets are booked, and they tell me about my birthday present: they're going to cover half my ticket. That's alot of money, and I think it's pretty much indisputable proof that I have the best parents on the planet.

In any case let me get to the details. I'm leaving this country on Thursday May 3rd and after 1 1/2 hours in Guam, and an hour in Texas I'll be arriving home early in the afternoon on Friday May 4th. All in all it should be a 20-some hour flight (hard to calculate exactly - the ticket gives departure and arrival times, but time zones mess that all up)

Then on May 21st I'm doing the same thing in reverse.

So this means that roughly 20 days from now, just under 3 weeks, I'll be back home. Extremely exciting and incredibly hard to imagine.

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