Monday, June 25, 2007

An Unexpected Plot Twist

I'm going home sooner than expected. Much sooner. I ought to be home before Sunday. Maybe by friday. I've been medically separated - meaning I am not to be returning to the Philippines.

I got the call this morning, from my medical officer. It was an unbearably brief call, but not so brief that the glass path I've been following wasn't shattered. Peace Corps washington reviewed my request. They've denied my surgery on the basis that they don't believe my migraines are related to my sinus condition, but they do feel my migraines are serious enough to take me home for good. They want me to see a neurologist.

Odd, that. They knew about these migraines when I applied, and I still got through medical screening ok.

So 15 months into my service, now past the half way mark, they seem to have retro-actively decided that peace corps service isn't for me. It's bullshit, and I have every intention of appealing. Living so close to Peace Corps national headquarters might help, but we'll see. They want me to see a neurologist. That's fine. I've already had an EEG, an MRI and two CAT scans. What else can they do?

In any case, that's how things stand. As of this morning, my medical officer gave me 2 days - extra time, she told me, for closure. Not that in 2 days time I can say goodbye to my 2 host families, my center, my neighborhood and Marianne AND pack my entire house. It's not even enough time to pack my house. 'Time for closure'. I'd take it for a joke if I didn't know so well that she was serious. I've already spent day 1 consoling Marianne. Tonight and tomorrow will be big days.

I'm coming home folks. You'll be seeing me soon.

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Scott and Erin Farver said...

Allan -

Good Luck with the appeal! This is crap and we don't want you to go home. Go get 'em! Sorry about it all.
We're pulling for you and hope to be hearing awful puns and fabulous sea shanties again soon :)