Friday, July 6, 2007

Here I exist - p2 - The Dentist

I arrived in America last Friday evening, disordered mind and body all. 4 days before I left, I expected not to see home for another year. Until I touched down in DC I don't think I believed I would. I had everything with me; everything I could humanly fit into my 3 bags. Half my things still sit on the shelves of my nipa hut, where Apol, my landlord, is graciously allowing them to stay until I know more about my situation.

The day before my flight, a tooth filling that peace corps had put in back in January came tumbling out of my mouth. Peace Corps had their dentist hastily fill it, and recommend me a crown (this was the 4th time they had filled this gap). That new filling fell out on the plane home, broken off by a tough but tasty English pastry. So I've got a gaping hole in my gums at present, that needs to be taken care of in addition to my other medical problems.

But getting my tooth work has proved difficult. Peace Corps Philippines didn't give me the paperwork to see a dentist, and Peace Corps Washington hasn't received anything from them on the subject, nor have they received my medical records (which typically take 30 days to arrive). I can't wait for 30 days with this gaping hole in my mouth. Thus I have a problem which I get to make my 2nd phone call about tomorrow.

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