Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Things Fall Together

If you read my last entry, you may recall that I mentioned that with everything going as well as it is, I'm expecting a nasty visit from karma sometime soon. It has to happen - everything just seems to be going so well all of the sudden.

After my meeting last week between my supervisor and regional manager, we put together a nice list of potential projects I could work on while we have no computer - my supervisor told me that she had requested the emergency purchase of a computer from the central office, but it may be months away still. By that point I had more or less given up hope of ever seeing a computer, so this wasn't the least be disturbing to me - I just wanted more work options, and the support I need to perform them.

During that meeting last wednesday, I achieved that. Friday, the computer arrived at my center.

Despite it being an emergency purchase, it wasn't old or broken or out of shape. The one computer we did have at the center for roughly a week, arrived from being "fixed" with it's shell covered in rust. That computer had no USB port, it couldn't read most CDs, and it took more than one hour to boot up. This new computer is nothing like that.

It arrived brand-new, along with a nice computer stand, a voltage regulator, a comfortable computer chair, and a very nice looking flat-panel lcd screen. What a nice friday surprise, huh?! I conducted an informal needs assessment among the staff that very day. My biggest problem? Most of the programs the staff are interested in learning, I barely know myself. So I'm going to have to start teaching myself how to use new programs, namely: microsoft Access and Powerpoint, and I'm going to have to refresh myself on how to use Excel, because it's been awhile.

The staff are all interested in learning more about the internet - it seems that while most of them feel comfortable using word, all of them would like a better understanding of e-mail, web-research, and web-design. The latter, I have no clue about. However, my good friend and fellow volunteer, Sean, has offered to come visit for a week (he works at a university, where there are no classes in summer, so he'll have the free time) and conduct a Dreamweaver training.

So I'm excited. I'm going to manila tomorrow - in this exciting time of development at work, I feel bad disappearing for a week. But when I come back, my biggest problem should be - where to start?

Excitedly yours,


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